Zoom Room Security Update

As we continue living in a world revolving around and powered by technology, it can be hard to keep up with the nuances of all this digital communication.

We’re here for you, FUMCFW Zoomers! As updates occur to the technology we’ve come to rely on for staying connected as a faith community, your FUMCFW Communications Team is right here to share, teach, and walk you through these changes to avoid as many hiccups as possible!

There will soon be an update to our current Zoom technology. This new update, beginning mid-September, will require all Zoom meetings to have a passcode. And to make things easier on us all, we’ve embedded the passcodes needed into a new set of Zoom meeting links to keep your logging into any FUMCFW meetings as simple as the click of a link.

So what does this mean for our FUMCFW Zoomers? If you have grown accustomed to using the same Zoom link since March, you’ll need to start using this new and improved link beginning on September 14. Our communications team will be sending these new passcode protected links to the staff, committee chairs, lay leaders, Sunday school class leaders, and other Zoom hosts. If you do not receive this a new link, but you currently host a Grace Group or Sunday school class, please contact us so we can make sure you have what you need to keep on Zooming!

You should not experience any disruption to your Zoom meetings, but if you do ever encounter an issue, don’t hesitate to reach out to your FUMCFW Communications team — we’d be happy to assist you!

Contact: Melinda Smoot | msmoot@myfumc.org or Hans Grim | hgrim@myfumc.org