• Clinton Anderson’s Best Book Yet: It’s a GREAT guide to the progression of Clinton’s training method. . .it is so well-organized and will make a terrific reference manual for those of us who want to go back and fill in the “holes” in our horses’ educations.

  • Finally a book that encourages trainers too!!! Clinton Anderson has the easiest program by far for me to show my clients how I work with their horses, thus they can continue learning and teaching their horse when they leave. . .Great product Clinton! Thank you for not going over the same boring thing like other authors! Any professional in the business, or any new horse owner will be able to use your concepts, and get a better working communication with their horse as well as the horse industry as a whole!

  • Helps you think like a successful trainer Clinton is one of the best, most effective trainers in the world and this book gets you into his head: how he thinks and why he does things the way he does. . . . If you’re serious about improving your horsemanship skills, this book deserves a place on your shelf.

  • I have this book and it’s been really helpful to me. Some of the things this book said repeat through my head over and over when I’m thinking about or working with horses.

  • I read your book Clinton and am going back and reading various parts again and again! Absolutely loved it! Very impressive! I enjoyed the story of your experience at the beginning of each chapter.

  • I really enjoyed your book; especially the lesson about learning your limits. Thank you for your willingness to be honest about the fact that everyone including you has limits. It would have been easy to avoid using that lesson in the book, but you included anyway.

Sharing the dream — and relentless effort— behind Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship to help empower everyday horseowners to achieve extraordinary results:

In his latest book, renowned Aussie trainer and clinician Clinton Anderson reveals through his own personal stories, the lessons he has learned on the way to becoming one of the most respected authorities on horse training in the world. From meager beginnings as a skinny kid who didn’t know the first thing about horses, to a young aspiring trainer studying at the feet of two of Australia’s top horseman, to his current standing-room-only tours and sold-out clinics across America, Clinton Anderson has changed the lives of millions of horse owners looking for a better way to building the kind of partnership every horse owner dreams of.

Through interviews, personal observations, countless questions only a frustrated horse owner would know to ask, we developed the content for this book to not only follow the progression of Clinton’s life and experiences, but also to tuck in tuck in the lessons, tips, observations and special insights that readers at all levels could find useful and enlightening, regardless of where they are on the horsemanship journey. After countless hours of in-depth conversations, editorial finagling, and relentless attention to detail, all brought to life by the spectacular photography talent of Darrell Dodds, Lessons Well Learned is a product Clinton and I are proud to present to our readers.

Ranked in Amazon’s top 10,000 for the first two weeks following its release and landing squarely in the top 20 books in three different categories, Lessons Well Learned  is still enjoying a 5-star Amazon customer rating,  and its kudos are telling us we hit the mark!