• "Terry Bradshaw & Tommy Spinks are Hall of Fame football players @ Louisiana Tech University. If you want to escape today's political yelling and screaming, the entitlement of today's professional athletes. I recommend you to read this book. If you want to laugh and read about two young friends that go out and throw and catch a football for the fun of it you need to read this book. No recruiting football camps no organized select 7 on 7 teams . Just two friends that could throw the football as well as any two football players in the country."

    -- Karl Terrebonne, Former Louisiana Tech coach, Louisiana Tech Wide Receiver, La Porte High School football coach
  • "Growing up in North Louisiana, everyone knew the names Tommy Spinks and Terry Bradshaw. "Dream Catcher" is a fascinating read, from young kids wondering what it takes to play at the highest level, to all of us in the 70s and 80s that admired these two Hall of Fame guys that inspired us to do great things in life."Loved it!"

    -- Todd Walker, MLB player, LSU Hall of Famer, Co-Host of SEC College Baseball
  • "Whether you are a football fan or not...this book needs to be on your must read list!"

    -- Kathleen Gagg, Co Founder of Camp Better America, Executive Director of Got Your Back Network
  • "Just finished reading Dream Catcher book and it should be required reading for all Junior High and High School students."

    -- Carolyn Trawick, Monroe, La
  • "One of those you never want to end...two Shreveport Boys who grew up together in the Best of times."

    -- Laura Mitchell - Shreveport, La
  • "I just finished the Dream Catcher. This was a fantastic love story. I couldn't put the book down until I finished it."

    --Carolyn Meador McClung, Houston, TX
  • "I gave my copy of Dream Catcher to my dad to read. I only know of three books he's ever read in his lifetime... Old Yeller, Alcohol Anonymous and the Bible. He finished Dream Catcher in 3 days and said he cried all the way through. He LOVED it!"

    -- Carrie Bush Johnson - Mansfield, TX
  • "One of my best reads EVER!"

    -- Pat Siverson, Arlington, TX

Dream Catcher

Do yawanna throw some?

So began the lifelong friendship between NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Terry Bradshaw and his favorite receiver through junior high, high school, and college, Tommy Spinks. Within the pages of this sweet and salty, page-turning romp told through the eyes of Spinks, you’ll gain special insight into friendship that withstands the rigors of time, trials of competition, and tests of tenacity to reveal the heart of the kind of connection that lasts a lifetime.

As readers follow this unfolding “Wonder Years” meets “The Sandlot” story of best friends and contagious dreams, you’ll laugh out loud even as your heart twists in the raw intensity of dreams taking shape, falling apart, and then crossing the goal line together by the best friends and unlikely heroes of this never-before-told story.

Far from offering up just another “football story,” Dream Catcher gets to the heart and soul of what it means to catch — and share — a very big dream. Within this generous slice of southern life and simpler times, when kids played outside until dark and friendships forged over sport mirrored lifelong values of commitment, loyalty, and trust, you’ll find a model of friendship built to go the distance.

Top reviews from the United States

Amazon Customer

Football players can appreciate
Enjoyable read

Amazon Customer
Bert Ravenna

Bradshaw and Spinks
an easy read. Very enjoyable. A “feel good” book.

Bert Ravenna
Lisa Lampert

How kids once felt about real football!
This book is for people who love Terry Bradshaw. It’s really about his best friend and a life of friendship!!! Great easy read!

Lisa Lampert

It’s a true story.
Loved all of it. It was an amazing story. Very hard to put down. I’m familiar with both characters but still learned still more about them. Highly recommend this book.


Beautiful Story of determination
What a wonderful story. The junior high school year stories were the best. Testament to love and determination. Feel good.

Mother Earth

It is hard to top the importance of our friends.
I went to school with Tommy Spinks & Terry Bradshaw so this was a fun walk down memory lane. They had a life-long friendship that those of us who have had similar friendships cherish.

Mother Earth
Kathy Walker

Great Book about a good guy!!!
I bought “Dream Catcher” as a Christmas Gift for my mother. Since I went to junior high and high school with Tommy Spinks and Terry Bradshaw and my mother has known of them since that time, she has thoroughly enjoyed this book!!! She usually just reads at night and not during the daytime UNTIL “Dream Catcher” came along!!! Now she is reading in the day as well as night. She said she just can’t put it down!!! She said it is the “Best book she has ever read”!!! I can hardly wait until she finishes so I can read it too.
Great book!!!

Kathy Walker
Dona A. Monroe

Wonderful Book
Tommy Spinks was a friend of mine and I was broken hearted when he died so young. So it was a thrill to be able to have this book filled with his thoughts and pictures. Tommy had a wonderfully zany sense of humor and he loved to laugh. When you read this book be prepared to laugh a lot plus have a box of tissues near. I cried rivers when I read this book.

Dona A. Monroe

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