Trustee Proposal For Studio And Sanctuary Equipment Renovation

WHAT: The urgency for the upgrades to Sanctuary cameras and Media Studio infrastructure has increased. To meet escalating needs for quality online and livestream worship experiences in this critical time that now may extend indefinitely for some populations, we need to act quickly to replace/upgrade aging equipment and move/renovate our existing Studio. The addition of six strategically located (with two moveable mounts) High Definition Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras plus one manned camera with upgraded lens capabilities will vastly improve viewer experience of worship. The addition of theatrical lighting will create opportunities for maximizing our online impact, offering flexibility between worship styles, and optimum, uniform, camera-friendly lighting for the chancel area. HOW: By upgrading our sanctuary and studio media ministries infrastructure, we will go from Standard Definition to High Definition, we will offer our viewers a better online worship experience, and we will produce broadcast quality that is more comparable to other large churches. This improvement in quality will be more inviting and attractive for younger and more discerning audiences who will appreciate and support the difference this upgrade will make. Taking our existing lighting to dimmable, flicker-free (made-for-cameras) LEDs with the addition of theatrical lighting in chancel area will add balance, depth, and dimension to our online worship space for a better viewing experience, with accent color alternatives to transform the space for contemporary worship, concerts, and special events.

WHO: When we initially began to search for vendors for this system, we approached Crown, DRI, and CSD, which was our architect’s choice as consultant for this process. CSD was selected and is currently under a design/built contract for our Next90 AV upgrades to Wesley Hall. Phase II Multipurpose Space construction would have included the new studio and production space, so it makes sense to have this as part of that longer integral partnership. While this not-to-exceed quote is higher than the original estimate to account for possible price variations with manufacturers, CSD expresses confidence in being able to complete this job at or under the original estimate.

WHY NOW: In taking advantage of this opportunity to attract a larger online congregation in a time where this connection feels essential, we will also help guard against the inevitable failure of our aging (13 ½-year-old) studio equipment. With replacement parts hard to find and technology that is incompatible with more current equipment, sudden failure would call for an emergency response that could easily be more costly and less efficient th

an this wellplanned approach. Because we are online only for the foreseeable future — and our metrics show increased participation and an expanding audience — the time is now to begin creating the “digital campus” experience that will live and grow and reach more people, far beyond the current circumstance. In the current climate in which active shooter scenarios have become more and more commonplace in churches, replacing manned cameras in the sanctuary with remotely operated cameras would increase the visibility of our security, enable constant vigilance and surveillance, and keep human camera operators safe in the event of such an occurrence.

COST FACTORS Total Estimate: $775,000 to replace Studio equipment in its current location. Includes: • 6 remote digital cameras • 1 manned camera • New studio equipment and infrastructure • Upgrade existing “front

lights” to dimmable LEDs • Added theatrical lighting in the Sanctuary • 12-week turnaround time (or less)

Manned camera with 55x lens will provide fine detail of entire chancel area from back of sanctuary, offering both “long shot” and closeup capabilities. Remotely (Studio) controlled Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras provide full coverage of Sanctuary and additional security. 1. Manned camera 3 Lighting Option 2 4 2. PTZ camera

VIDEO (6) PTZ Cameras – ALL CUSTOM PAINTED TO MATCH WALL/WOOD (1) Front center in the crown – center of pipe organ area (1) Center front of balcony – Wide Angle Lens (

2) Left and Right of Pillars in front of balcony (2) Left and Right side stage area (cameras on the side, with moveable tripod setup) (2) PTZ Controllers (1) Manned Camera and tripod with 55 Zoom Lens

LIGHTING 1. Replace existing ETC Source 4 750’s (front lights) with dimmable LEDs 2. Add theatrical lighting to chancel area (Top and Back Light) 3. Add theatrical lightingchancel back wall and organ chamber (Accent Lighting)