• This book was as if the author was writing about me.

  • Loved it! I got this book for my sister who is new to horse ownership. I am not but I wanted to read it as well. I also found many useful and insightful parts to this book.

    Barbara Stephenson
  • Definitely worth reading as a woman who always wanted a horse as a kid and never had one. Now I have a horse and this book has been a connection with the women returning or exploring horsemanship for the first time.

  • I love that you don't have to ride a horse to love a horse. And sometimes when you get older, riding is not an option. This book made me feel better about my choice to sit on the sidelines with my 30 something year old horse. We are both old, but not dead. We still can have fun and meaningful relationship.

    Cynthia A. Forrest

Innovative Tools to Give Bad Body Image the Boot!

Make Peace with Your Body and Banish Self Doubt—In and Out of the Saddle

Many if not most women have been locked in a battle with their bodies for as long as they can remember. And when it comes to riding horses, they drag their arsenal of self-doubt with them every time they step into the saddle. Some quit riding completely. Others ride, but are frustrated by their lack of progress as riders or what they see as poor performance. They succumb to silent self-torment as they wonder how they look, what others think, and whether they have any business on the back of a horse if their jeans feel a little too tight.

Regardless of seat size, riding discipline, or the degree — or even truth — of the body issues with which they struggle, the scars on female self-image in our society run deep and wide. So with the humor and big-sisterly swagger that readers and reviewers have come to love, Melinda Folse, author of bestseller The Smart Woman’s Guide to Midlife Horses, has decided to step in with a delightful, insightful, fulfilling new book. Riding Through Thick and Thin delves to the bottom of the issues that have long held women hostage, bringing together experts, research, resources, and stories to encourage, inspire, and empower. Readers will find some answers that may surprise them: Believe it or not, this is not about losing weight or getting fit (although if that’s a point of interest, there’s a section packed with helpful tools and ideas). This book is more about what’s going on in every woman’s mind — and it taps new findings in neuroscience to reveal that permanent change to deeply ingrained body image issues is not only possible, but it may be much easier than we think.

Click here to download a PDF of the RT3 Test to begin making lasting changes to your body image — for the better!

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