What was it like to write a book with Aussie horse clinician Clinton Anderson?

What was it like to write a book with Aussie horse clinician Clinton Anderson? Have you ever put a tennis ball in the dryer to make your blanket dry faster? To say that Clinton is a bundle of energy is an epic understatement. It’s truly amazing how many programs he can have running simultaneously in his head without crashing his system. And how complete his attention is to the details of each one.

The exciting thing to me about writing Lessons Well Learned with Clinton was how much he wants people to “get it.” Primarily, his goal for this book was for readers to understand who he is, where he came from, and that the things he has learned in a career spent dealing with all kinds of horses is something anyone can learn just by following in his carefully laid footsteps.

With this contagious dedication bouncing in my brain like the aforementioned tennis ball, I immersed myself in Clinton’s Method and set to work uncovering the stories that would bring this information to life for Clinton’s readers. As our ideas churned into shape, lesson by lesson, Clinton’s relentless energy and enthusiasm for his subject aerated my thinking and plumped his stories and the knowledge they reveal into a warm blanket of wisdom, humor and applicable solutions that surprised even me.

From what our early Amazon reviewers are saying, this book is hitting the mark. If you’ve read it, I’d love to hear from you what your favorite lessons were and why. What in your life are you so excited about that you’d jump at the chance to share it with others? How do you find these assignments — and hone the material you gather into a result that hits the mark?

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