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Are you on the verge of Midlife Horses? Come, dust off your dreams and join the fun, friendship, fitness, and fulfillment millions of women are now claiming as their own. It’s Your Life, Part Two — this time, with horsepower!

Trafalgar Square Books, July, 2011–Today, after two, three, or four decades taking care of others, with the kids out of the house (and sometimes the husband, too), today’s 40- and 50-something woman suddenly finds herself with the time, money and health to be all she used to hope to be. But by midlife, her center of balance may have shifted a bit, her muscle tone may have faded, and the well-honed apprehension, courtesy of years of “Be careful, now!” mothering may have replaced her youthful sense of invincibility. She also may have discovered a few new insecurities midlife horsemanship can create — physical, emotional, and financial quandaries she never before considered.

The Smart Woman’s Guide to Midlife Horses—the first-of-its-kind book by Melinda Folse—is the book you have been searching for… Offering horses as both metaphor and solution to the natural malaise that often arises within us just about the time we blow out that “midlife” birthday candle, this is the book that helps you ask (and answer), “What about my dreams?” and “Is it my turn yet?” and “If not now, when?” and best of all, “If now, how?”

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