Strategic Communications | Branding | Programming

Working well with hospitals, doctors, health product manufacturers, and health care providers, we specialize in creating business-to-business and business-to-consumer content in the form of blogs, articles, white papers, ad copy, sales presentations, and educational videos.

Putting the experience of decades-long communications strategies to work in industries including (but never limited to) medicine, health care, and equine and general veterinary health, we bring a time-tested track record of success in wrangling thoughts into words, ideas into motion, and strategies into success.

In addition to a robust 30-year freelance writing career, Melinda has worked professionally to:

oversee and implement comprehensive communications program including brand development, web content, social media management, print publications, external advertising, media relations, and strategic communications,

• develop and coordinate cohesive content for print, digital, video, web, and email messaging that reaches large, carefully targeted audiences and achieves desired results,

direct internal and external communications including advertising, public relations, media relations, and strategic marketing for hospital, ancillary care, and medical practices, and

• manage creative, branded content including concept, copy, design, and execution of integrated advertising, public relations, and marketing campaigns and promotions.