Grandmaster:  A Story of Struggle, Triumph and Taekwondo

“A must-read for anyone interested in martial arts, visionary leadership and leaving a lasting legacy.”
— Sam Horn, author of global bestseller Tongue Fu!®

“This is so much more than just a story of a martial arts grandmaster. It’s a role model for anyone looking to triumph in tough times. This is the book I wish I’d have had when I began my own entrpreneurial journey!”
— Max Jaffe, CPA, CEO of Spending Solutions, Inc.

Represented by New York Literary Agent Doris Michaels, DSM Literary Agency, Inc.

Bringing its readers an insightful personal glimpse into Korea’s exquisite culture and confusing political turmoil, Grandmaster: A Story of Struggle, Triumph, and Taekwondo explores key issues of character and culture. Through the life story of Ninth Degree Taekwondo Grandmaster Won Chik Park, this story educates as it inspires.

Transporting its readers to the inner circles of Korean life, Grandmaster plays against a backdrop of key events in international history. As the story of Won Chik Park unfolds, readers find themselves captivated by the indomitable spirit that triumphs in the face of challenge and transcends the typical coming-of-age, struggling immigrant morality tale. Instead, in the pages of Grandmaster, readers discover an unforgettable account of how getting up one more time — every time — can lead to unimaginable achievement and impact. In a world hungry for heroes, here’s one you won’t soon forget.