Labored . . .and delivered Midlife Horses to publisher!

Labored . . .and delivered Midlife Horses to publisher! After talking with many women now rethinking the answers to their own midlife questions from the back of a horse, I realize the potential this book has to give real answers, viable resources and new inspiration. From the generosity of those willing to share personal stories to the wide range of horsemanship expertise I gathered to great resources designed to launch whatever search a reader needs to find her own answers,  this book really came together to keep all the promises made in its proposal. And, by wrapping its more encyclopedic content in the personal story of my own journey, I’ve woven  my own path with the paths of others to create a tongue-in-cheek guide book that lays out the horsekeeping topics we all face, and then  gently and continually nudges us back to our search for authenticity.

Book info The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife Horses

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