Grandmaster rocks great reviews from non-martial arts readers

Grandmaster Won Chik Park

As I suspected, this story is showing its universal appeal with all kinds of readers. Pegged early as “just a martial arts story,” I knew this amazing life story offers readers much, much more than that. A true hero’s journey, Grandmaster’s themes weave universal examples of tenacity, humility and perseverance with a very sweet story of friendship, family, and culture. So far, I’ve heard from attorneys and businessmen remarking on its entrepreneurial lessons, parents and grandparents wanting their young people to learn from this role model of strength and humility, and many others of all ages and walks of life touched and inspired by the simple and profound personal life story of one of the world’s most highly regarded Taekwondo Grandmasters. What is the most inspiring life story you’ve ever read?

From starving war orphan to international leader, the fascinating journey of Taekwondo Grandmaster Won Chik Park is well on its way to publication!

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I just finished a major revision to the life story of Taekwondo Grandmaster Won Chik Park that put it into what my agent and an interested publisher agreed was a more publishable length. In going back through this amazing story line by line, paragraph by paragraph and chapter by chapter, I was again struck with the awe that first compelled me to write this story.

Literally running for his life from invading communist troops as the Korean War began, then living on the streets as a refugee, then finding resourceful ways to keep himself and his sister from starving, the gold standard of heroism is first revealed in this ten year old boy, and it continued to emerge as the grand adventure of this remarkable life unfolded. As an immigrant, as a parent of first generation Korean American children, as a leader and cultural icon, and as one of the top ranked Taekwondo Grandmasters in the world, the story of Won Chik Park is his true account of a heroic life he never imagined — and still can’t quite believe.

I have no doubt that Grandmaster Park’s story is special and could serve as inspiration and hope to anyone facing daunting if not seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their own lives. What I wonder, though, is how many other heroes are there out there whose stories never get told? How many owners of remarkable lives would say, just as Grandmaster Park did in our first interview, that his story wasn’t really that interesting — and that he just did what he had to do, went through the doors that opened to him, and followed his heart and desire to do the right thing no matter what happened. Isn’t that what a hero does? As writers, isn’t that we must do to get these stories out to others who could benefit from their example? What kind of hero stories does the world need more of?

Grandmaster: A Story of Struggle, Triumph and Taekwondo

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“A must-read for anyone interested in martial arts, visionary leadership and leaving a lasting legacy.”
— Sam Horn, author of global bestseller Tongue Fu!®

“This is so much more than just a story of a martial arts grandmaster. It’s a role model for anyone looking to triumph in tough times. This is the book I wish I’d have had when I began my own entrpreneurial journey!”
— Max Jaffe, CPA, CEO of Spending Solutions, Inc.

Grandmaster:  A Story of Struggle, Triumph and Taekwondo

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Bringing its readers an insightful personal glimpse into Korea’s exquisite culture and confusing political turmoil, Grandmaster: A Story of Struggle, Triumph, and Taekwondo explores key issues of character and culture. Through the life story of Ninth Degree Taekwondo Grandmaster Won Chik Park, this story educates as it inspires.

Transporting its readers to the inner circles of Korean life, Grandmaster plays against a backdrop of key events in international history. As the story of Won Chik Park unfolds, readers find themselves captivated by the indomitable spirit that triumphs in the face of challenge and transcends the typical coming-of-age, struggling immigrant morality tale. Instead, in the pages of Grandmaster, readers discover an unforgettable account of how getting up one more time — every time — can lead to unimaginable achievement and impact. In a world hungry for heroes, here’s one you won’t soon forget.

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