How Can I Help You Tell Your Story?


Have you have ever been daunted by the process of finding someone you can trust to:

  • Capture your voice and put your ideas into tangible written form?
  • Keep their promises and deliver the product to your specifications?
  • Get your message out in record time — next month instead of next year?
  • Create a reflection of you and your work of which you can be proud?
  • Work with you to achieve prime position in your chosen marketplace?

With my proven track record and range of experience, I’m the writing partner who can help you:

  • Convert and expand your dynamic live presentations into print and/or digital books, special reports and white papers.
  • Create strategic messaging to build your brand awareness, earn higher fees, and attract better clients
  • Grab the attention of meeting planners with a one-sheet and strategic pitches that truly reflect the unique message you have to deliver

Here’s what Lynn Kenner, Founder and CEO of Children’s University, had to say about our work together:

“We feel you knew exactly what we were trying to accomplish, and we appreciate your empowering acute focus on our thoughts and intentions. You have used your talent to connect everything we discussed and felt in our hearts.”

Looking to monetize your message with a nonfiction or how-to book?

You have great ideas, insights, stories and suggestions. You know that what you have to say is powerful because people are already paying you for it.

But with your busy schedule, you may not have the time, the writing ability, or the motivation to get your spoken message onto the page. That’s why partnering with a writing professional is the smartest move you can make to catapult your message to fresh markets.

I’ll meet you wherever you are in this process. From hand-scrawled notes to that fat file of false starts that mocks you every time you open your desk drawer, I’ll bring order to your “info chaos” and put your project on a fast track to meeting your needs, goals, and expectations.

Through personal interviews, watching your videos or live presentations, listening to your audio or podcasts, and working from your own notes (sticky notes and bar napkins included) I’ll bring it all together and polish it into print.

After capturing the essence of what you have to offer, I can then help you roll out your message in a variety of formats and money-making strategies. By putting your message on the page and online — through hardcopy books, e-books, special reports, and articles, I can help you extend your impact — and your income.

Want to share your story as a memoir or corporate history?

I’ve written dozens of nationally published articles detailing the success stories of top entrepreneurs, and I would love to help you share yours!

To put this kind of story into print requires curiosity, focus and attention to detail from industry specifics to reflective conversations and research. Nothing fascinates me like a great story to tell — and the opportunity to convey important information with compelling writing. With diverse experience that equips me well to write in a variety of topics, I bring to your project a background that includes work with industries including:

  • Architecture (architects, developers, builders)
  • Real Estate and Urban Planning and Development
  • Business (CEOs, YPOs, NAWBO, consultants)
  • Finance (financial advisors, CPAs, consultants)
  • Creative and Fine Arts (writers, artists, dancers, musicians)
  • Engineering, Technical, Science (inventors, developers, CEOs, consultants)
  • Medical (doctors, dentists, therapists)
  • Food Industry (restaurant owners, chefs, cookbooks),
  • Hospitality (Inns, Spas, Resorts, Cruise, Travel)
  • Health Care (doctors, dentists, hospitals, home health),
  • Health and Fitness (instructors, personal trainers physical therapists, martial arts, yoga),
  • Healing and Alternative Medicine (healers, nutritionists, therapists, researchers and advisors)
  • Equine Industry (product manufacturers, retailers, developers)
  • Horse and Rider Education (trainers, instructors and clinicians)
  • Equine Health (vets, chiropractors, massage therapists, alternative medicine)
  • Equine Therapies (hippotherapy, equine assisted psychotherapy, and other therapeutic practitioners, Equine Activities (competition, recreation, and events)
  • Law and Legal Education (lawyers, judges, law professors, advisors)
  • Non Profits (environmental, women and children, entrepreneurial, animal rights, private foundations),
  • Faith-based Programs (ministries, youth organizations, outreach programs),
  • Multicultural Initiatives (museums, award and recognition programs, outreach organizations)

Could your presentation use some punch and polish?

By combining my experience and training in journalism, corporate communications, technical writing, public relations, advertising, grant proposals, ghostwriting and fiction, I have learned to acclimate quickly, regardless of the subject matter.

I’m also known for my ability to find the story angle you are looking for, make clear the points you want to convey, and meet the exact specifications of each assignment.

If you’re looking for an honest, results-oriented writer you can trust to complete every assignment with professionalism and enthusiasm, contact me. You can count on me to meet your guidelines for content, length and tone, and produce a highly professional project that’s fact-checked and on time — every time.

Need some help getting your words to work?

When you’ve got an important message to deliver, but can’t seem to get the words just right . . .When your best ideas keep scattering like dandelion fluff . . . When your point isn’t quite as clear on the page as it is in your head . . . or your overall message just won’t jell because it’s playing hide-and-seek with jargon and rhetoric . . .

Call me.

Whether it’s a single consultation, a “package” that keeps me standing by, or a monthly retainer to keep your written communication rolling while you tend to the rest of your job, I’m here for you. With just one call, text, or email, I’m on the job to:

  • take a careful look at that important email or letter
  • clean up the company brochure or web content
  • craft a pitch or one-sheet that generates clients and contracts
  • put some sizzle in your corporate presentation
  • formulate protocols for media inquiries, crisis communication, and other strategic communications

I’m here to help you gel your ideas, develop your content, and convey your messages to align with your vision and reach your goals.

Want a business writing workshop for your employees?

In today’s hurry scurry e-climate, clear, concise, effective writing has become an endangered species.

What if you were able to create a business culture that embraces the new while preserving the ideals of good communication?

In a single on-site workshop I can help you install a few simple strategies for keeping your team’s business writing solid, clear and effective.

Or, for more continuous top-of-mind support, I can provide a series of short, digestible, daily or weekly reminders to help keep your business writing off the bloopers list with specific tactics, including:

Email and text-iquette. Today’s power communicators know how to walk the line between the advantages of instant communication and the pitfalls that can accompany it. Learn a few simple rules and strategies for deciding which communication tool to use to optimize its effectiveness.

The power of word choice. Sometimes choosing the right word or phrase can make the difference between “deal” and “no deal.” Learn how to analyze your word choice to make sure the message you send is the one received.

Final Proof. When you absolutely have to have letter-perfect documents, trusting technology to do your proofreader thinking for you is a recipe for embarrassing mistakes. With a few simple tricks for better proofreading, I can help your team learn to minimize misunderstandings, maximize effective rethinking, and know when to hit “send.”

More! I’m here to help untangle whatever business communication topics plague you and your team. In addition, I can analyze samples of your company’s current communications and tailor a program tailored to meet specific needs, goals and objectives.

By staying up to speed with current business writing trends and advice, whether online or in print, I make it my business to know what’s hot and what’s not — and how to help others keep good writing in business!

Need help with your grant proposal?

If your non-profit is ready to search and apply for funding from private foundation, corporate, state or federal grantmakers, you’ve come to one of my favorite places to be.

In pairing non-profit programs who need money with individuals, groups and institutions who need to give money away, I find an especially meaningful expression of my personal and professional mission. It’s a win-win-win I am always proud to be part of!

Certified since 2005 by The Grantsmanship Center, a national grantsmanship training program that originated in 1972 in Los Angeles, I offer this intensive grantseeker training, hands-on experience, and a solid track record in researching funding and preparing winning grant proposals using TGCI’s world-renowned proposal writing format.

In addition to this specialized training and the experience it has brought, I maintain TGCI membership for access to continually updating and comprehensive funding databases, a long list of specialized publications and resources, and technical assistance as needed.

By blending my background in advertising, technical writing and public relations with the particular skills called for in preparing a successful grant proposal, I am able to offer my clients the best use of all of these writing styles and techniques. Blending this expertise with a passion for telling stories that inspire, empower, and ignite action, I celebrate every opportunity to help create a winning grant proposal!

When you’re ready to get started, I’ll be happy to provide a free 15-minute consultation to hear about your organization, its mission and the type of funding it seeks. You are free during that time to pick my brain for ideas, ask questions and run your own ideas past me for feedback. After that, we can discuss the various ways I may be able to help you reach your funding goals, and we’ll go over my fees and terms for the consultation package or services you’ve chosen. Once we decide how we will work together, I’ll send you a simple letter agreement and a list of what I‘ll need to get started.

I look forward to learning about your program or organization — and how I can help you get your vision for it funded!