Through decades of opportunities to write for regional, national and professional/trade audiences I have covered a lot of ground, literally and metaphorically. I’ve criss-crossed industries, trades, and professions from equine to health care, real estate to law, education to architecture, fine arts to church communications, and from personal growth to corporate enterprise.

My work has appeared in a number of regional and national consumer and trade magazines, including Time Warner’s Millionaire Blueprints, Texas Monthly, Cowboys & Indians, Real Estate Executive,  Fort Worth Texas Magazine, and Clinton Anderson’s No Worries Journal. As a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA), I am part of a national network of independent nonfiction writers who have met exacting standards of professional achievement.

In short, these opportunities and experiences have taught me how to get to the heart of each assignment, regardless of subject or scope. By interviewing, researching, and gathering information in a way that gets the job done while keeping my subjects at ease, I bring to each project a honed ability to shepherd every story into meaningful connection with its target audience.


Clips of Published Work

“Soul of the West”
When Texas Poet Laureate Red Steagall, along with co-authors Andy Wilkinson and Anne Lockhart, reached deep into the pages of Western history to create “Soul of the West,” the result brings the world of Charles Goodnight to life, along with some timeless and memorable lessons in diversity. View Article

“Can One Man Change the World?”
2006 Nobel Prize Winner Mohammed Yunus describes the microlending program he established that has the potential to break the cycle of poverty worldwide. View Article

“Reading the Great American Success Story”
In 1992 Horatio Alger Award Winner Tom Harken reflects on the surprising admission during his acceptance speech that launched his legacy and changed countless lives. View Article

“Pelletized Profit”
Microbiologist and Dippin’ Dots (Ice Cream of the Future) inventor Curt Jones tells how his professional knowledge became an astronomical entrepreneurial success story. View Article

“Sassybax: the surprising rewards of self-esteem marketing”
Former model, actress, and licensed therapist Amanda Kennedy shares how she tapped all three careers to find “Purple Cow” success in the competitive and lucrative lingerie market. View Article

“Nerves of Steel”
International “Buns of Steel” fitness icon Tamilee Webb tells the stories and strategies that took her from penniless fitness instructor who lived in her car to a multimillion-dollar success story. View Article

“Muffins to Millions”
How an “unemployed and unemployable” single mom parlayed her special homemade muffin recipe into millions in the international food service industry. View Article

“What Working Women Want”
A tongue-in-cheek reflection on the harrowing but exhiliarating balancing act embraced by today’s “have-it-all” generation of women. View Article

“Heated Bliss”
From buff bodies to plummeting cholesterol, and from the loosening of stiff muscles and frozen joints to accelerated energy and decreased stress, Fort Worth devotees are clammoring to share their experiences of Bikram YogaView Article

“Divorce 101: When the Vow Breaks”
When “I do” becomes “I don’t,” Fort Worth experts provide tools and advice for navigating the difficult realities of divorce with grace, dignity and hope for the future. View Article

“Renaissance of a River”
Fort Worth’s Trinity River Vision commands national attention as “America’s Most Livable City” restores its river to its rightful prominence and connect its people as never before. View Article

“Concrete Reflections”
World-renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando explains how his design of the new Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art makes it the ideal community gathering place. View Article

“Whose Gas is it, Anyway?”
As this landmark Barnett Shale legal trespass case awaits its Texas Supreme Court decision, justice teeters with the changing technology — and the fortune of each side hangs in the balance . View Article